How to Order

How to Order

Ordering is a snap, and can be completely anonymous!

1. CHOOSE whatever item and add-on’s (if any) you desire.

2. CONTACT ME by going to the Contact Me area of this site. I will give you an estimate of when your order would be ready (you can also see my blue queue box on the front page), confirm the price, and send payment instructions. If you are a new buyer, I can also email you one free verification photo of me wearing the item and holding a sign with your name and the date (or anything else you request) written on it. One verification pic per customer, please.

3. PAY for your item. I currently accept Amazon gift cards and other electronic gift vouchers (I will email you the details). I recommend these electronic methods, which keep your personal information completely private, for the fastest and most secure service. As soon as your payment is received, you will be placed on my queue.

4. SHIPPING to the US is FREE via USPS First-Class shipping with tracking number. Shipping to Canada is an additional $7 via USPS First-Class Package International Service with tracking number. All items are VACUUM SEALED to preserve all of the wonderful aroma. Once payment is received, your order will be placed in my queue, which may be from a few days to a few weeks long. However I will always give an estimate of when your order will be ready before you pay, and I will let you know exactly when it ships. Items are sent in plain poly bubble mailers or plain boxes. Labels are printed online — so no girly handwriting, LOL! For privacy, in the “sender” area of the shipping label, I usually just repeat the “recipient” name and address (unless I am shipping abroad, in which case I must use a US-based address), but I can enter whatever information you request. Once your purchase has posted, I am not responsible for the length of delivery time, lost or stolen packages, or packages rendered “undeliverable” by the post office due to a buyer supplying incorrect name or address information.


Ready to order? Contact me!

PS: If you would like a discount on your next purchased item, please send me a picture that I can post on my website of you using my panties or other items to get off. The filthier the better!

NOTE: I reserve the right to refuse to conduct business with any individual for any reason including, but not limited to, the following: rude or abusive language, delays in payment, and attempts to circumvent payment or pay via fraudulent means.