Charity Panties!

Donate the proceeds from your panty or other purchase to charity and save the world with KINK

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“We’re here collecting lingerie for needy sexy people”

Here’s how it works:  No, no, I am not actually giving panties away! Instead, every month or so I will allocate the proceeds of at least one purchased item to one of the charities below. The only compensation I would receive would be the amount to cover postage, if applicable. I can either randomly choose which purchase will be donated…OR you can request that yours be donated, and choose the charity the proceeds get sent to. Buy a pair of panties for $25? Make them CHARITY panties and I will donate $20 ($25, less the $5 it would cost to ship them) to whichever cause you choose. It costs you absolutely nothing! And it makes that dirty panty boner of yours a tiny bit altruistic, even! ;)

Want in on this?  When you contact me for an order, please mention that you want to make your panties (or stockings, or pic set, etc.) “charity” panties and say which charity from the list below you would like to donate to.

Button’s List of Charities — subject to change