Click on any pic to enlarge! Below is a list of sexy and juicy panties currently for sale, organized by type — thongs, bikinis, and boyshorts. I have satin, silk, lace, and cotton panties; for many of these I only own one pair, so order now to avoid having your favorites sold out! Most are size XS or S, but I can purchase and wear larger (up to M) on request.

The base price for each pair includes guaranteed wear for at least 24 hours, vacuum sealed packaging, and free USPS First-Class shipping with tracking anywhere in the US. I also offer one verification photo per customer (upon request only). I guarantee that my panties will have my scent and my scent alone. I don’t use scented detergents, body lotions, or perfume. I won’t have sex while wearing your panties — unless you want me to! All sorts of naughty add-on’s and customizations are available and are listed on the right.


♥ ♥ ♥ THONGS ♥ ♥ ♥

Mint and lace thong – $25

Gorgeous light and airy thong with lace trim in a dainty mint color.

Blue striped thong – $25

Light as air! This thin, barely-there cotton thong will soak all my juices right up and it just perfect for stuffing.

Seamless smooth thong – Black $25

My go-to “Little Black Thong”! A teeny tiny “barely there” seamless thong made of a smooth satin-y fabric that is absolutely paradise to wear.

Seamless smooth thong – Lavender polka dot $25
A dainty little slip of a thong, this is an adorable polka dot version of the seamless, smooth thong above.

Lace-trimmed smooth thong $25
Red lace thong_edit2
Fiery red smooth seamless thong with a gorgeous lace top.

Leopard print lace thong $25
Leopard mesh thong_edit2
Leopard. Lace. Thong. Really, there’s not much else to say, other than “rawrr!” ;)

Beige lace thong $25

I don’t know why, but there is something so sexy about beige lace panties. I love the way my pussy shows through in these!

Cotton and lace thong – Black or white $25

Your choice, black or white! Oh come on now…black + lace + thong? With cotton thrown in to catch all of my aroma and juices? How could you not? Then again, perhaps pristine white for those of you who love a dainty panty on a (very) dirty girl.

100% cotton thong – Multiple colors $25

A thong to ensure the panty gets right up into my pussy, and 100% cotton to absorb all the scent and juices my pussy releases. What could be better? Currently available in: Pink, white with colored circles, white with colored stripes.

Victoria’s Secret turquoise lace thong $30
So sexy and in one of my favorite VS colors.

Victoria’s Secret triple string back thong $30
The hot-as-hell string back really makes this thong, but the front (blue and white stripe with lace overlay) is pretty sexy too!

Victoria’s Secret candy striped lace thong $30
VS candy striped thong_edit
All lace with yummy red and white stripes. Lick please!

100% silk thong – White $40

A lovely pure white thong in 100% raw silk (no cotton crotch). I would love to dirty up such rich, sumptuous fabric!

100% silk thong $40 – Deep red

As much as I love the look of lace, I ADORE the feel of pure silk! These panties are 100% raw silk (no cotton crotch). Plus, deep red is so bordello-like and sensual — I will definitely get nice and wet in these!


♥ ♥ ♥ BIKINIS ♥ ♥ ♥

SALE! Beige satin bikini $20 (usually $25)

Shiny, almost nude beige satin panty. So sexy and wonderful to touch.

Pink satin bikini $25
Be my candy crush? This is a bubblegum pink panty made of thick shiny satin.

Deep plum polka dot bikini $25

These bikinis are so sweet and cute, in my favorite deep plum color with white polka dots and lace trim.

Orange print bikini $25

Bold, vivid orange and rust print with lace trim. Juicy!

Black lace bikini $25

Sexy all-over lace, with a pretty pink bow that hovers right above of my “magic button,” and a cotton crotch to catch all of my naughty indiscretions. ;)

Mesh and lace hipster bikini $25

Super smooth and sexy see-through mesh body with a gorgeous lace trim. Available in beige with black lace trim only.

Black cotton bikini $25

Cotton absorbs all, black shows all. Add a juicy wench like me, and you have the perfect panty triumvirate!

100% cotton bikini – White $25
Cotton bikini,white_edit2
By overwhelming demand, crisp pure white panties in 100% cotton. I usually hate wearing white clothes because I always make such a mess. But in this case, I will definitely enjoy making a sloppy mess for you.

Victoria’s Secret “Our Little Secret” cotton bikini $30
VS OLS bikini_edit
I don’t usually buy panties with words on them, but I couldn’t resist these!

Portal cotton bikini $30
You might even catch me wearing these while gaming on a lazy weekend.

Super Mario Bros. blue cotton bikini $30
Can you rescue *my* yummy little Princess Peach from these Super Mario panties?

Pac-Man cotton bikini $30

Chomp on these!


♥ ♥ ♥ BOYSHORTS ♥ ♥ ♥

Super Mario Bros. boyshort – $30

I love these thick, well-made boyshorts with cute graphics. They make me so happy — Let’s a go!

Camo and lace boyshorts $25

Hellooo, soldier! These rough and tumble panties are tamed by a girly lace trim and the sexy wet pussy quivering inside. Stand and salute, boys!


♥ ♥ ♥ SOLD ♥ ♥ ♥

SOLD! Polka dot lace trim boyshort – Cocoa $25

Very pretty and smooth polka dot panty with deep gorgeous lace trim. I can NOT get over how satiny smooth the body of this panty and LOVE touching myself in them! Available in cocoa brown only.

SOLD! 100% cotton sporty string bikini – Assorted colors $25

Very sporty 100% full coverage cotton string bikinis, each with a thick white and gray striped sporty waistband.

SOLD! Purple lace bikini $25

I had to add purple to my lace bikini collection! This one has gold threads at the waistband and, of course, an absorbent cotton crotch like all my lacies.

SOLD! Yellow satin bikini $25
Yellow satin_edit
A dreamy pale yellow satin bikini that shimmers like a star. What’s YOUR wish?

SOLD! Gray lace boyshorts $25

The perfect panty to instantly turn a rainy day sexy!

SOLD! Black and gray striped thong $25

Let me earn my stripes with this black and gray striped thong. They are made of a thick stretchy material, and will be worn to dirty perfection just for you!

SOLD! Smooth red lace trim boyshort $25
Red boyshort
Same gorgeous smooth boyshort with lace trim as above, only in a solid shade of firehouse red!

SOLD! Fuchsia pink satin bikini $25
Fuschia satin bikini_edit
Hotcha! Thick shiny satin panties in a hot pants-worthy shade of fuchsia.

SOLD! Turquoise blue satin bikini $25
Turquiose satin bikini_edit
Thick shiny satin panties in a delightful turquoise blue color. Makes me wish I were in the Caribbean!

SOLD! Black satin bikini $25
Black satin bikini_edit
Thick shiny satin that just needs to be rubbed, in sexy black with a cotton crotch to catch all the naughtiness that follows…

SOLD! Green and white woodsy bikini $25

My new favorite bikini! It’s smooth with a lace trim and a lovely woodsy print.

SOLD! Gray lace thong $25

Very sexy gray lace thong with a pink accent bow. These babies press into my pussy quite snugly and are guaranteed to get nice and soaked. (PS: Enlarge the 2nd pic and spot the other furry pussy!)

SOLD! 100% silk pastel green thong $35

100% raw silk in pastel green. The combination of 100% raw silk (no cotton crotch) and pussy juices create a unique aroma that silk panty lovers adore!

SOLD! Silk black thong $30
Silk thong, black mix_edit3
Slightly sheer silk thong (it is marked 100% silk but I think it’s a silk blend), with thick elastic waistband and cotton crotch. Very stretchy and wearable.

SOLD! Bright orange lace boyshorts $25

These are so gorgeous, sexy and light, and the neon orange color (much brighter than the photos show) always perks me up.

SOLD! Burgundy red lace bikini $25

I love burgundy and I love lace. These panties make me feel like a 19th century French madam. And the contrast of my white cream on the dark red crotch…c’est si bon!

SOLD! Victoria’s Secret keyhole back burgundy thong $30

I had to back WAY up to try to capture the adorable keyhole back on this lace-trimmed burgundy thong.

SOLD! Soft and sweet lavender bikini $25

Thin and soft and just as sweet as can be, this lavender bikini has a delicate white lace trim and an absorbent cotton-y feel. So comfy and light!

SOLD! White satin bikini $25

Join me for some nights in white satin (panties)! Thick, shiny, and luxurious satin.

SOLD! Candy striped thong $25

Cute stripes on a thick stretchy thong. Lick here, please!

SOLD! Brown pinstriped bikini with pink lace accents $25

For formal affairs? These satin-y brown pinstriped bikinis have sweet pink lace accents. Nothing like a pussy in a tux! ;)

SOLD! Blue and white 100% cotton bikini $25
Blue white pattern bikini_edit
A 100% cotton panty in a pretty floral print!

SOLD! Red and black lace and mesh full bikini – Well-worn $25

These are gorgeous, well worn, Kiss Me Deadly panties — the front has a red panel with black lace; the sides and back are sheer black mesh with a little red accent bow at the back.

SOLD! 100% cotton thong – Multiple colors $25

A thong to ensure the panty gets right up into my pussy, and 100% cotton to absorb all the scent and juices my pussy releases. What could be better?

SOLD! Seamless smooth thong – Cheetah print $25

Can you tell these seamless, smooth thongs are my absolute favorite? This one is in a sexy cheetah print.

SOLD! Wonder Woman red 100% cotton bikini $30
I’m not saying I’m Wonder Woman, I’m just saying no one has ever seen me and Wonder Woman in the same room together…

SOLD! Black & white 100% cotton bikini $25

A 100% cotton panty in a pretty paisley print!

SOLD! Victoria’s Secret blue gingham cotton and lace bikini $25

Adorably sexy cotton and lace cheeky panty with a blue, white and pink gingham/checkered print.

SOLD! Batman black cotton bikini $30
It’s not who we are underneath [our panties], but what we do [with our panties] that defines us. ;)

SOLD! Victoria’s Secret leopard and black lace thong $25

Rawrrr! My latest impulse buy is this leopard print cotton thong with a sexy-as-hell black lace back.

SOLD! Victoria’s Secret aqua blue cotton thong $25

Very soft and comfy cotton thong.

SOLD! Black cotton lace-top bikinis – Well-worn, trashed $25

These thin black cotton bikinis with lace top are TRASHED — they have pulled elastic threads and multiple rips in the lace top, they are also missing one of three rose accents in the front and another is about to fall off.

SOLD! Satin and lace teal thong $25

Satin and lace, in my favorite color!

SOLD! Seamless smooth thong – Teal $25
A teeny tiny “barely there” seamless thong made of a smooth satin-y fabric that is absolutely paradise to wear.

SOLD! 100% cotton thong – Blue flowered print $25

SOLD! Aqua lace boyshorts $25

These “barely there” see-through panties are made of light and thin lace. They are so very delicate and lady-like, I would love to soak them through for you!

SOLD! Red satin bikini $25

Dangerously shiny and made of thick satin material, these red satin panties are a cause for alarm!

SOLD! Wonder Woman yellow print 100% cotton bikini $30
I don’t need a Lasso of Truth to know how much you want to put your face in these.

SOLD! Wonder Woman blue stars 100% cotton bikini $30

Merciful Minerva!

SOLD! Purple lace thong $25

My “purple pussy strangler”! I love the way my pussy looks in purple, and I LOVE a tight thong that gets right up into my pussy.

SOLD! Black/white zebra print mesh and lace bikini $25

Semi-sheer mesh with zebra print? Thick lace waistband and lace edging? I’m in love!

SOLD! 100% silk deep red thong $35

As much as I love the look of lace, I ADORE the feel of pure silk! These panties are 100% raw silk. Plus, deep red is so bordello-like and sensual — I will definitely get nice and wet in these!

SOLD! Pink floral lace thong $25

Pretty in pink! Dressing my pussy up in sweet delicate things like this just makes it wetter, so this thong is guaranteed to get nice and juicy.

SOLD! Black lace boyshorts – Well-worn $25
Black lace boyshort_edit
I have had these sexy lace panties for years. These old friends are very well-worn (oh, if panties could talk!). They have been on me, pulled off me, tugged to the side for fucking…there are pulled threads and holes to prove it!

SOLD! Green striped satin and lace bikini $25

St. Patrick’s day, anyone? These are flirty green satin panties with lace accents.

SOLD! Brown satin and lace bikini $25

YUMMY…chocolate lace and satin! Lace front bikini with a satin back.

SOLD! Floral ruffle thong – Well-worn $25

Want to know a secret about these panties? They were the ones I used the first time I ever “stuffed.” Shall I take them out for one last spin? ;)