Stockings & Pantyhose

Below is a list of stockings, thigh-highs, as well as pantyhose/tights, for sale. I literally own over 100 pairs of stockings and thigh-highs and dozens of garter belts/suspenders. I have lace-tops, fishnets, 100% non-stretch nylon, fully fashioned, RHT, etc. Some are well-worn/trashed, others are not. I hope to upload more of my collection soon, but in the meantime please ask if you have a special pair in mind — I probably have it! Also, you may want to take advantage of my $20 Stockings/Thigh-high Special.

The base price for each pair includes guaranteed wear for at least 24 hours, vacuum sealed packaging, and free USPS First-Class shipping with tracking number anywhere in the US. I also offer one verification photo per customer (upon request only). All sorts of naughty add-on’s and customizations are available and are listed on the right.

NOTE: All pantyhose and tights are worn without panties unless otherwise requested, thus they are placed in the same queue as panties!


♥ ♥ ♥ STOCKINGS ♥ ♥ ♥

Nude stockings — Well worn, trashed $25
My “work horse” nude 15 denier stockings! Worn here and there, to the office and back — little do they know that I am wearing a garter belt with no panties and my pussy is right there within reach. ;)

Black stockings — Well worn, trashed $25
Stockings, black_edit2
My black “work horse” office stockings — 15 denier and slightly rough in texture.

Lace-top black stockings $25
Stockings, black lace top 2_edit
15 denier stockings with lightly reinforced toes and a gorgeous deep lace top.

Special Collection 100% Nylon FF and RHT Stockings $30-$50
For the discerning stockings collector! Special order from my exclusive collection of 100% non-stretch nylon FF and RHT stockings. I have up for grabs vintage Magnolia Hosiery FF’s with cuban heel in black and taupe ($40), vintage Hudson Hosiery “Sheer Witchery” FF’s with cuban heel in coffee/dark brown ($50), Cervin Seduction Couture seamed (no keyhole) 100% non-stretch nylon with French heel in black ($35), and Cervin Capri Bicolore RHT’s in turquoise with black top and pink with black top ($30).



Black ribbon-top thigh-highs – Well-worn, trashed $25
Ribbon-top hold-ups/thigh-highs with picks and runs and gorgeously smooth ribbon tops.

Black lace-top thigh-highs – Well-worn, trashed $25
Oh my, I have been quite naughty in these! These are 15 denier hold-ups/thigh-highs have sheer toes and gorgeous lace tops. I used these in a bondage photo shoot (found here) and they are now completely TRASHED with rips and runs!

Gray opaque thigh-highs $25
Hold ups, gray 2_edit
These hold-ups/thigh-highs are gloriously silky and more opaque (50 denier) than my others.

Black thigh-highs $25
Hold ups, black thin ribbon top_edit2
These 15 denier hold-ups/thigh-highs have a thin ribbon top (with very firm rubber treads so they never slip) and sheer toes.

Frederick’s of Hollywood fishnet backseam hold-ups $25
Hold ups, black fishnet 2_edit
Va-va-va-voom! Fishnets AND a contrasting fuschia backseam.

Stockings/Thigh-high 48 Hour Special – Let me choose! $20
Stockings, collage
Let me know if you would like stockings or thigh-highs, and what general shade (light or dark) you prefer, and I will choose a pair to wear just for you for 48 hours. A $35 value for only $20 and a great chance to get a “taste” of my sweet legs and feet. Please mention “stockings/thigh-high special” when you email.


♥ ♥ ♥ PANTYHOSE & TIGHTS ♥ ♥ ♥

Sheer pantyhose – Tan $25
My favorite work pantyhose! These are 15 denier pantyhose with sheer toe and a nice cotton crotch to absorb the juices from all the naughty thoughts I have at work.

Sheer-to-waist pantyhose – Black or nude $25
Sheer-to-waist (no cotton crotch) 15 denier pantyhose with lightly reinforced toe that is also very silky smooth.

Black diamond pattern tights – Well-worn $25

I adore these opaque black tights with a subtle but sexy large diamond pattern. I regularly have 3-4 pairs in circulation; this is the most beat up, well-worn pair of the lot!

♥ ♥ ♥ SOLD ♥ ♥ ♥

SOLD! Off-black pantyhose with control top $25
Pantyhose, off-black_edit2
15 denier pantyhose with nice tight control top, cotton crotch and reinforced toes.

SOLD! Nude ribbon-top thigh-highs – Well worn, trashed $25
Smooth ribbon-top hold-ups/thigh-highs with holes and rips by the toes.

SOLD! Black pantyhose, control top – Well-worn $25
Pantyhose, black control top_edit2
These have a very thick and comfy control top, cotton crotch and reinforced toes. I love these when I want to keep my ass and pussy warm, but still want to show some leg. Very well worn, trashed.

SOLD Ivory/off-white lace-top stockings $25

Silky smooth ivory/off-white stockings with a gorgeous deep lace top.

SOLD! Black non-stretch nylon RHT stockings – Well worn, trashed $25

Calling all non-stretch 100% nylon fans! These gorgeous stockings have a lightly reinforced heel and toe, and a huge run up one leg. Note the gorgeous wrinkles that only 100% non-stretch nylon provides!

SOLD! Nude pantyhose – Well worn $25
These 15 denier pantyhose with a control top, cotton crotch and reinforced toes are well worn, with stains in the toes and holes and runs at the bottom of the feet, though no runs in the legs (as of yet!).

SOLD! Black print pantyhose – Well worn $25
These well-loved pretty printed pantyhose are sheer to the waist with a cotton crotch panel and a large hole in rear near the waistband.